Paraffin Pros, LLC
Paraffin Pros, LLC

ParaffinPro LLC

Steam Process Completely Cleans Paraffin from Pipe

ParaffinPro LLC, is a Company dedicated to the extraction of Paraffin (wax) usually from Flow Lines.

Odessa-based ParaffinPro LLC uses a closed loop steam system with guaranteed extraction.  Our process is extremely cost effective, safe, and is environmentally friendly and relatively quick to minimize production delays. We specialize in 2 3/8” and 2 7/8” tubing.

  • Our system cleans 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” pipe. It is safe for coated and un-coated pipe.
  • Disposal of paraffin is according to regulation and safety norms.
  • Steaming is safe on either bear or internally coated tubing.

Anyone in the business of Oil Production knows about the multitude of problems created by the build up of paraffin in tubing – either Flow Line or Down Hole. Therefore, even though there are other methods of extraction, we believe steam is the most effective. We never use chemicals nor hot oil.

With Tubing (pipe) prices and availability fluctuating, ParaffinPro is seeing more and more of our clients re-use and extend the life of tubing by steaming paraffin out, then quickly returning the tubing to the field.

Paraffin Pro’s system involves removing the pipe, putting it through their proprietary system and returning the cleaned pipe to the well site within about two days, typically. Paraffin Pro can provide this service or the producer can do the transporting. The cleaning process is environmentally controlled throughout, as is the disposal process.

With uncertainties about pipe prices and availability, Branco is seeing more clients making sure they get the longest life from their existing pipe supply—and trusting Paraffin Pro to do just that. He adds that, while this service’s up-front costs are more than hot oiling, the savings quickly start adding up because pipes stay clean much longer this way, allowing for longer periods of uninterrupted production.

You probably have questions. That’s great! Call Paraffin Pro this week to learn how this process can boost your production and reduce downtime.

Call ParaffinPro LLC, a Branco company, at 432-889-5434.